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Walking and flying into new sim problem. (Almost fixed!)

Glynn Ivory


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Are you only 16 or 17 years old? If so, you can only go to and see sims that are G-rated.


Most of the SL Grid is made of sims that are Mature or Adult Rated. G-rated sims are sprinkled through the Mature areas like rasins in rasin bread. If you're standing in a G-sim, and are on an account that is age-restricted because LL believes you're only 16 or 17, the land will seem to stop at a sharp edge when you come to the border between a G-rated sim and a neighboring M-rated sim. It is a barrier you are not permitted to cross - like trying to walk into an atult book store, and not being able to show ID that says you're of legal age to do so. Someone standing next to you with an account that is for a person over 18 will see continuing land, and be able to cross that edge at will.

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