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Want 50% "bonus" prims?

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Think 50% bonus prims are a good deal? Why not get 50% more prims AND 50% more land area!

6144m parcel on a corner lot - private estate island (1405 prims available on the parcel) for only 2600L$ weekly. This is 50% more than the standard 4096m parcel.

Parcel is on a scenic romantic island with about 1/2 the land set aside as a scenic romantic area. This limits neighbors and gives you a beautiful backyard area to dance at and explore... then come home to great sunset views.

This is a one of a kind opportunity, contact Richie Kanto in world if you need more information or use the SLURL below and the land's set for sale at your first week's maintenance.

We hope to see you living with us!


Snapshot _ 8192m of private beachfront, Romantic Moods (226, 18.png

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