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Hiring Family RP Lunch and Recess Monitor

Camille Yorcliffe

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Enjoy doting over kids, watching them have fun, making sure they eat healthy and play safe and nice?  Wish you could find the joy of being around children in an SL family role-playing setting?  Want to make money doing it?

Hope Harbor School, the official school system for the Willowdale and Willows Cove role play communities, is hiring for a lunch and recess monitor.

The position requires:

  • A deep understanding of the SL child community.
  • Good off the cuff role-playing facilitation to keep things fun and interesting.
  • A reassuring strong motherly / fatherly / caretaker personality.
  • A knack for encouraging positive attitudes and helping others have a good time.

This is a paid staff position at the school, up to L$200 / weekday depending on your time commitment.  If interested, send a notecard describing why you'd be a good fit to Camille Yorcliffe, Kethry Triellis, and CeCe Briner.

Hope Harbor school is also accepting outstanding applications for teachers at the kindergarten, elementary, or high school level.

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