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Have you had someone in world who has made you cry or has deserted you when you needed it the most?


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Aristophanese wrote:

i met a miss peters once, she made me cry

i also had a best friend named daniel s. he never posts here anymore

its ok to cry, we know you need it the most

Tell us more, Aristophanes, don't be shy.

Was Miss Peters your Domme, or just a girl that broke your heart?

Do you miss Daniel? Was he a shoulder for you to cry on?

I presume you are female, although you have assumed a male name.

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Can I nominate myself against myself? ;)

Inworld at least I find I behave most of the time, but sometimes I find my worser side gets (yeah that's bad grammar, in case you weren't watching) lose... and the internet saves everything... and well... there's no one more capable of hurting a person than that person themselves.

No, that's not a statement of depression, but a point of concession - my mood is almost always more in the mid-range. It just drives me nuts when I catch myself getting out of hand, because of course I always catch on to myself way too late...


Tonight is self-reflection night for me, with all these question threads. :) After the music one, I've just been on a mental roll and there are just too many threads to post in. :D



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I didn't cry, but I sure think about this, even today. This happened over a short period of time, no more than 2 months.

A while ago my BF and neighbor adopted a noob who mysteriously appeared in SL one day, determined to learn how to design one perfect outfit. That was her only goal and the only thing she wanted out of SL, the perfect outfit. Really nice person but obsessed with creating this spectacular outfit. A dress and some shoes I think, can't remember, didn't take it too seriously at the time. But it does sound a bit odd right? So okay.... She lived in the house of my BF and logged on everyday to work. One day She told my BF she had to learn how to make this outfit quickly because she was running out of time. Running out of time?!  Definitely a bit of dramatic foreshadowing there but even in RL it's hard to truly internalize the nitty grit of the worst of living, and this is SL, It's Neverland right?!  I mean, forget reality, there's too much to do here!  But over time we learned more, that she had a terminal illness, that she was inworld from her hospital bed, that she'd been given so many days to live. So she worked, and we girls together laughed joked, had good times.., you know, normal stuff, except for that perfect outfit bit, we all had fun trying to help her figure out this perfect outfit and teaching her about SL and suddenly one day she announced she was going to be having some kind of medical procedure....

and the next day she didn't log on

and the next,

and the day after that.

And even than we figured that okay, an operation or something, of course she can't log in, she's recovering. But a week passed by and than another during which time my BF was frantic! She'd spent more time with her than I had and had gotten very close to her. So we tried to get any and all information on her through linden labs and the other 2 people that seemed to know something about her who confirmed the little that we knew. After much hair pulling and worry, we slowly came to the realization that she had died, and that in her last days she lived to create perfection in her own small way, and share it with strangers who became her last strange friends.

It gives me chills to even write this! Logically I want to say to myself, oh but this could have been anyone AND a made up story which is probably, the "what if? part," that keeps back the tears.., it could have been just some mind bend awful BS as a game or joke...., but my gut says otherwise because it was too simple, there was no drama, no fighting, or boyfriends, no sympathy, nothing.., if fact the whole thing was so subtle, it was easy to forget what the person behind the avatar was experiencing! She was just there to make a dress. One ultimately, she never got the chance to finish.

Anyway, not quite a love story ,nevertheless, this one I think about once in awhile, mostly late at night....

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