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Sticky is tacky


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If I was a 'Linden' tree responsible for the forum (CM):  

We are all individuals so I would not be Quaking Aspen: "Pando" as they are genetically identical aka clones of one another.  To be more precise, they are ALL part of a single living organism with an enormous root system.

People in SL seek to create and be social so I would not be Acacia"L'Abre du Tenere" as it is too removed from any other (a tree that resembles our current CM.) 

SL is suppose to be cutting edge technology so I would not want to project the ancient shadows cast by the Bristlecone Pine:  "Methuselah".

I would be the Sequoiasdendron giganteum: "General Sherman" -- a symbol of strength; one of the greatest living things.

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