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Foreign fairytales

Lynn Shiu

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Can you remember yourself as a little child, listening to fairytales and believing them to be true? When growing up, (most) people learn that these magical stories with happily-ever-after endings don't exist. Or do they? One thing is for sure: in Solandria, they do!


Solandria has a beautiful, magical ambience. I highly recommend experimenting with the environment settings, because they can make your visit even better.
Solandria seems to be divided into several parts. The biggest part is a field covered with flowers and mystical beings, like fairies and unicorns. There is also a very large, blue sphere, which is filled with stars and in which meditation sessions are held.

Some cosy places can be found as well. These places include huts, waterfalls and even flower petals. They all contain poseballs, and therefore are an amazing shelter to lovers. In the mood for dancing? Then pay a visit to the stonehenge-like ballroom!



If you're all fed up with the Winter, don't worry - Solandria also has a tropical part as well. This place is surrounded by waterfalls and by the sea. It's very soothing and relaxing.


If you love the Winter like I do, then avoid the tropical part and instead visit the cold, snowy, yet very cosy part of the sim. Again, great for cuddling and being together!


~ Visit Overland Hills ~


Want to discover more SL places? Then please visit http://fromsecondlifewithlove.blogspot.com/  ^__^ 
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