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Problems with V3 and ATI Graphics Card

Stephan Gaudio

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Greetings! I thought I had a pretty fast computer: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Processor, 4GB RAM and a new ATI Radeon HD 6850 graphics card. I am using the latest viewer 3.2.4.

When I got the graphics card, I used to have 40-60 FPS, but then it started getting slower and slower. Especially the driver from last summer till today made my FPS drop to almost 0, which is why I didn´t install them. Now I got the newest Catalyst driver and found out that disabling VBO in the SL hardware settings increases the performance to unbelievable fast 10 FPS. Still that is significantly lower than when I bought the card about a year ago. Am I the only one that has problems? Any tips on improving performance?

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I think the problem is with ATI cards.

It seems that  ATI cards do not have good OpenGL drivers and  SL uses OpenGL (rather than DirectX)

I recently got a ATI HD 6570 card and the FPS was horrible. 

I then came across this article


I had a couple of years old  nVida card (GeForce 7900 GS) lying around. I tried that and got much better FPS (nearly double of what i was getting with the newer ATI card).

So I am dicthing my HD 6570 and getting an nVidia (GTX 550 Ti)



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ATI Graphics Cards are wonky with Second Life.  I've had good and bad results with drivers and different versions of SL.

For example I currently am having issues with both the latest version of SL ( and the latest version of the ATI drivers for my video card.

I have an ATI HD5670 with ATI drivers 8.841.0.0 dated 4/5/2011.  When I installed the new version of SL I got all kinds of phantom artifacts around my avi when she moves.  So my first instinct is to upgrade my video drivers.

I update my video drivers to version 8.920.0.0 dated 11/9/2011.  All of a sudden my FPS goes to about 2.0 / sec.

Then I revert both my SL version back to and my drivers to 8.841.0.0 and I get back to about 15 fps at very crowded Hotlanta.

My last thought was to update my video drivers again without updating SL and I my FPS was back to two.

So what I've deduced is...

1. The new ATI drivers for my video are crap for SL use.

2. To use the latest version of Linden Labs Viewer I need to update to the latest crap drivers to remove the artifacts.

3. I'm not doing any of that and will stick with the older version of SL and graphics drivers for now.

I find it interesting that my computer works great with every 3D application I can put on it... but Second Life.  And I'm paying for this?

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I was starting to think I was the only one having this issue. I installed the latest update to sl viewer this past week and when I signed back in it was immediately obvious that something was wrong with the graphics. The texture glitches were so bad I had to stop using sl because I was becoming ill. Judging from this thread it appears there is no immediate cure. It seems like every time I update the sl viewer my experience gets worse. Is this really progress LL?

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