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Looking for animator, paid work!

Crias Rowlands

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I am seeking for a good animator who would be willing to make custom animations.

What i am looking for is a guy/gal who would be able to make all the character animations for my planned store. The store would make mesh avatars, mostly little dwarf sized ones. These characters needs to be fully animated, that means walk and run cycles, idle, jumping and possibly some other specific animations.
The characters also going to be cartoony, so they can't have very realistic animations, their movement has to be stylized and exagerated. A bit at least.

If needed, i can provide the dev files (.blend/.dae) for every character. Ability of rigging them is an advantage, but not required, i can do that myself.

What you would be resposible for in short:
- rigging the avatars (optional)
- fine-tune the rig if needed
- making for the avatars perfectly fitted animations (keyframe or mocap it's up to you, just be good)
- giving a bit of cartoony feel to their movement
- finishing what you have undertaken in acceptable period of time
- i'm think that's all!

If you are interested please send back a note inworld with your prices/payment method.


Thank you very much

Crias Rowlands

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