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Problem in loading the game and the program


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 honestly do not know where to start
I want to remind you of a problem on the site
When you take the game and the program
When you say load will cause a danger to the device
Note that the game is compatible with a Windows Vista
I just want to clean the site of Vista
I hope that you take an interest in the objective
Thank you.:matte-motes-bashful-cute:

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Hello, shmailss501.

Thank you for the message.

It is your computer that will warn you about a possible danger to your device - and my computer - and many computers. 

This is simply because the Second Life software is not recognised worldwide, and computer manufacturers, and anti-virus software makers, have to warn us of possible dangers of websites and software that are unknown to them, but it is our choice to trust ... or not.

There are many happy residents who are willing to "take the risk". I have been doing so for 4 years, and no harm has come to this computer as a result.

I wish you well. 

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