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Standing the test of time. Found love on SL and took it to RL

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Well, we met on June 16th 2008. I was a newb (I signed up in 2006 but never used SL till late spring of 2008) and he was a guy riding up on a tall dark horse. I had 25 mini horses in RL and so I was amazed that there were horses in this newly discoverd land I had found. I have to admit I was interested in the horse and where to go ride one than the tall stranger, riding the horse.  After chatting for a couple minutes about SL horses he gave me a LM and off I went. So I landed in this stable/ranch area where you could try horses right then and there. To my surprise, a short time after I arrived, this tall dark stranger showed up. I thought it was nice that he had followed, as the conversation we had shared was short & I did enjoy talking with him. Well we became friends. For almost a year we were friends. We both had other SL love interests and yet we enjoyed our times together  when we found them.  In early 2009 we started feeling something closer than friends. I admit I was always happier when I saw that he was online. Well to skip to the end of this happy story, on Sept 21st 2009, I left my entire life in San Diego and came to make a new home an hour east of Toronto Canada. THAT'S RIGHT, CANADA! I knew nothing of these kanuks except they said "eh" a lot, LOL.  Well here it is 27 months after we met in RL and we are still very much in love with each other, in love with our best friend that we had first found in each other. Friendship is the gift we give ourselfs and love is the icing on our cake.  This coming summer we will have known each other for 4 years. I am greatful every single day WITHOUT FAIL, that we share a life together. So thank you SL for bringing us together and being the venue we fell in love on.  Guilded Wilder & Makenna Seelowe (and their alts-hehehe) 

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