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Want a script Edited, or a companion script made


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I want a simple edit, of an existing rezzor script, or a new rotate after rez script. I know this isn't a difficult script and only need it because the original script writer won't get back to me. So don't try and rob me with an outragious price.


I have a rotate after rcript already, the issue is that the rezzor always overrides it.


Please, any help is much appreciated. This is the only thing keeping me from completing my product.

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That's simple enough to do.    

Set up your rezzer at ZERO_ROTATION (that is, with all the numbers in the rotation spinners in the edit window at 0.0).

Place the object you want to rez where you want it to rez, in relation to the rezzer, and rotated how you want it.

Make a note of the numbers in the object's rotation spinners.

In your rezzer script, make a global variable, rotation rot.   

Give rot a value in state_entry() with the following calculation 

rot = llEuler2Rot(<x,y,z>*DEG_TO_RAD);

 where x, y and z are the three values from the spinners.

then alter the line that rezzes the object to something like

llRezAtRoot(object_name, llGetPos()+offset * llGetRot(),ZERO_VECTOR, rot * llGetRot(), start_param);


The fourth parameter, rot * llGetRot(), tells the rezzer to rez the object at the specified rotation relative to how the rezzer itself is rotated, so you won't need another script to rotate the object after it's been rezzed.   

Make sure the rezzer is at ZERO_ROTATION when you take the initial reading, and also make sure you do the multiplication rot * llGetRot()  (the order does matter in rotation calculations).

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