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Why can't I use 2.4 version?Pls...my computer can't support the newest version......



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Linden Labs provides links to the two most recent viewer setup files.  Once a new veiwer is released that "second to last" viewer is moved to third place and the link to the setup file for that viewer is removed (replaced by then viewer that the new release is replacing......it becomes the second to last viewer release).  So, no, you can't find a link on the SL website to any viewer three or more releases "old".  The single exception is the 1.23 viewer of about 2 years ago.  LL provides that setup file link to accomadate users with computers that are not quite powerful enough to run the newer viewers with the higher demanding graphics requirements.  You can download and install that viewer if you choose.......but you'll not be able to enjoy much of the newer features that SL has (shadows and mesh are just not available with that viewer).  You can also use a Third Party Viewer (TPV).  But, you'll still have the issue that those viewers also have the same features that require a higher performing computer system......if you're computer can't handle the code then no matter who develops the software your computer won't handle the code.  You might be able to download a viewer that is older than the next most recent so it's possible that you can find and use a viewer very similar to Viewer 2.7 or 2.8..........I don't know how many releases TPV's provide for it's users (I'm sure it varies a little with the developer of the viewer).


What I suggest for you to do once you do find a viewer you want to continue to use (either SL official viewer or TPV) is to download the setup file to your computer and save them to a folder you create specifically for those viewers.  That way, if any reason arises where you want to go back to any viewer you like, you can simply run the setup file again (the one you saved weeks, months or years ago).  However, you must change the default setting in your preferences from "Automatically install new version" to "Manually install new version".  This applies to the SL official viewers and maybe to some TPV's.

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