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Object Texture question

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I'm using Hexagon 2.5 and I've gotten okay at making basic items and stuff, for instance I made a pair of boots, gloves and pants however I can't figure out something, let's say I want my gloves to have specific details at specific locations on them on the texture, how do I make a texture map for it so I can draw on using Photoshop, so I can place whatever details I want at whatever location on the gloves ?


((Sorry if I'm kinda confusing, speaks french))

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Texture coordinates on any 3D model are controlled by what's called UV mapping.  The letters U and V represent the horizontal and vertical axes of the 2D texture canvas. A UV map dictates where each pixel on the canvas goes on the model surface.

In other situations, you're probably used to X and Y representing horizontal and vertical.  But for texturing, that doesn't quite work, since X, Y, and Z are already in use, representing the three axes of the 3D simulation itself.  U and V happen to be nearby in the alphabet, and they're not used for anything else, so they've become the standard for texture coordinates.

If you've ever worked with the avatar clothing/skin templates, then you're already somewhat familiar with the concept of how UV maps work.  Each part of the template corresponds with a specific area of the model surface.  Whatever you paint on any particular area of the template ends up appearing on that same region of the model.  (The word "template" in this context is actually a misnomer.  They're UV maps.  Why LL saw fit to call them "templates" instead of UV maps is anyone's guess.)

What it sounds like you don't yet know is how to actually create your own UV maps for your own models.  I don't know much about Hexagon's tools for this, but they look to be fairly simplistic.  Once you've learned the key concepts, I doubt you'll have much trouble usng the tools.  Hopefully someone more knowledgeable on Hexagon can give you some pointers to get started.



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