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loop a sound while typing

Granny Delicioso

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hey sup

i've never scripted a dang thing in my life, but i want to make an attachment that loops a sound while i'm typing, so that it looks like i'm beatboxing when i talk

but i don't know where to begin, and like i said, i've never scripted before

i tried borrowing premade scripts but none of them seemed to work. maybe i'm doing something wrong?

i dunno, help me out. teach me the ways... of the script....

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The script above will produce an error, because the the UUID of the Agent who is typing is missing. Here is a working version with the full script:


default{    state_entry()    {       llSetTimerEvent(1);//the time in seconds here should match the length of your typing sound loop..    }  timer() {                    if (llGetAgentInfo(llGetOwner()) & AGENT_TYPING)                            {                 llLoopSound("mysound", 0.2);                      }                              else                {                llStopSound();                 }        }}


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