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hello everybody!

well im here to ask for help...or kind of....lol the fact is i want t star my modeling career as soon as possible, but i dont know what do do,,what to look.....who to contact....so im here  to ask if someone knows about it...or wats to help me a bit would be nice.



contact me inworld as MeileenPrincess 

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Good luck. Modelling is very hard to get into in SL. Pretty girls are a dime a dozen, so you have to really stand out in a crowd. Don't look to modelling to get you $L for nice clothes, skins, hair, etc.: you need to have these before you pursue modelling. Most modelling jobs in SL pay you in what you model - clothes, for example, so don't look to modelling to get you a lot of $L, either.

If you already have your inventory built up with quality skins, hair, etc. - including a variety of looks - look around for modelling agencies. I don't know offhand which ones are trustworthy and which are not, but I'm sure someone else does. They'll teach you about SL modelling - for a price. You can also get jobs through those agencies, one you "graduate."

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