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Bad UV unwrap HLP

Syle Devin

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So I hope there is any easy fix for my problem but I am not sure if there is. I am have searched a lot to figure out the problem and I have not been able to find it. For some reason in blender I can't seem to unwrap flat faces without it messing them up. Is it not possible to do or am I missing something? This is how it turns out for me, where the faces aren't the correct size and sometimes the square faces, when unwrapped, don't even turn out square when I know there is not curve causing the problem. Any help would be nice, thank you.


EDIT: Well for the model show above is using is it ok to use UV Smart project? That turns out fine compared to trying to create seams and such. I know on round objects custom seams help. I also, for some reason, had a feeling that it is not a good way to go about creating UV maps, by using smart project? Though while it turns out better, as everything in straight and nothing is curved, the lane section is still not to proportion. I am just trying to find out a good way of fixing it, even if it is involving.

unwrap 2.png

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UV smart projections(if i am remembering the button name correctly) is darn handy. Fiddle with its options to get the best results. It rarely produces a map that is easy to hand draw on, though. So some editing of the map will be needed.


It's best used together with a second uv projection map. Making Blender generate the final texture, instead of doing it manually an image editor. Machinamatrix.com has a few tutes that will help.


Another, longer, option is to unwrap each part manually, using project from view. Simple select the faces you want to unwrap, squarely point the screen at them, click unwrap from view. This can be tedious on complicated models, until you get the hang of it. This is how I unwrap my projection uv maps.


My workflow.

Select whole model or material.

Smart unwrap and edit/clean up its output

Make a new projection uv map

Unwrap it so the area wears the texture correctly

Set up the material and Uvs to bake to the first smart uv unwrap(kinda tricky, see Gaia's tutes)

Then I do a full render, which creates the final texture


Of course I skipped a lot of setup steps, lighting the scene, setting material properties, render settings, etc. but I think that workflow best abuses the smart projection feature, and it's wickedly Fast to do.

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Ah yes, to say I messed around with it more before I saw your post and I did end up using 'project from view' option. It worked out pretty well. It was just frustrating to me when I saw someone else, in a tut video, unwrapping normally and the faces would unwrap to the right scale and ratio. I just don't understand if I have some option chosen that makes them unwrap the way they do. It seems to me they automatically unwrap to bounds which is a problem if I want to keep the ratio of the faces correct.

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Directly after unwrapping, you could press F6 to show an options pop-up - or look in the toolbar on the left hand side of the 3d view - where you can choose a couple of different options for the unwrap. Choosing a different option from the dropdown might give better results. (I don't remember the options or the label for the dropdown atm since I don't have Blender available on this pc.) I'm not sure it will help, but it might.

Also, if the uvmap has the wrong scale on any or both axis, you can always use an image with a test grid and manually scale the uvmap, or parts of the uvmap, on any axis.

- Luc -

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