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The Outer space for your spacraft...

Pagre Razor

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I had a look at the link and while the idea seems interesting it gave me some concerns.

This whole "year service thing" is uncomfortable to me. Likewise, i`d very much like to see this item demonstrated first hand rather than relying on a video. I can rez up a demo skybox and walk around in one, but i dont see any links to a demo ship equipped with this item.


I see there is a "52 prim" amount, but that doesnt tell me how many prims this "generated space area" will take up or what sort of thing it really is. How much land would be needed to make this work on a static ship build? What sort of permissions would be needed and just what sort of prims are used in the generating of the thing? Does it include a media and sound stream as well?


A good idea, but i am left with too many questions to be confident in it.

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