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Looking for people who need a Maid :)


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Hello All. Names Shiko and I have started my Own Maid Cleaning Business called Daisy Cleaners.

As of right now Daisy Cleaners just consists of me; but in the future I hope to be able to employ some other Maids.

I am interested in finding Anyone who is interested in my Maid Services.

Please Refer to this website http://www.wix.com/battles01021991/daisycleaners On information about my Business as well as my Service Costs. (I am always open about talking about prices if you can't afford the main prices)


Feel free to Contact me in Game Shikobaa Resident  If you are interested in my service; I as well have ingame notecards i can hand out to you.

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Ok I'm away from SL but I plan to come back as soon as I'm able to reserve few hours daily to login and play. I would need your service.

Its cool what you do! I looked at your site, its cute ;) 

Just one thing before I hire you.. How do you, furry, plan to clean my bathroom? And leave it all clean, without hairs, fur and what else...

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:catlol: hahah! Hello Tamara and thank you for your Interest in my Daisy Cleaners Services. I must say I never really thought of that :P but I can say I simply do my cleaning in a way that after I am done with a Room; I make sure to sweep, mop or dust out any Fluff I leave behind and vaccum it up. :)


Please Let me know if you would rather me in a Human Avatar for your Home. I really don't mind. ^_^

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