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Earning money in our Roleplay!


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Hello everyone!
I wanted to inform you about the Garde Nationale de Paris and it's new laws.I would like to tell you that anyone who takes up this job has a very good chance of earning money as you get 40% of any fines that are paid for crimes commited by civilians and more.Here is a short story about the Garde Nationale de Paris:

On July 25, 1830, Charles X published three ordinances that brought about the revolution of July. On July 29, La Fayette, aged 73, was reappointed to head the National Guard. When he restored La Garde Nationale July 31, he greeted Louis Philippe in the City Hall of Paris. Louis Philippe went over the Garde Nationale de Paris, of 60 000 men. He cheered and exclaimed, kissing La Fayette: "It is better to me than the coronation at Reims! ". This underlines the importance attached to the militia of the regime, guaranteeing public order and of the covenant of the July Monarchy and owners.The King gave to Lafayette the leadership of all the Gardes Nationales.They were reactivated throughout France to end the riots.

Main article: National Guard (1831).
The Garde Nationale demonstrated its importance in December 1830, at the trial of the ministers of Charles X, where it managed to maintain calm in Paris. Louis-Philippe, who visited on 23 December, the twelve districts of La Garde Nationale to express his thanks, was relieved, but he also realized the danger there was, for the monarchy, to depend on a single force to ensure public order: he asked the Minister of War, Marshal Soult, to reorganize the army without delay line. He also decided to get rid of La Fayette, who was too unreliable in his eyes.
On 22 December the king wrote to La Fayette to thank him for giving, "in these days of trial, the example of courage, patriotism and respect for the laws," but behind the scenes, it maneuvered to the Chamber of Deputies, who enlisted on the 24th December, the debate on the organization of the National Guard as required by Article 69 of the Charter of 1830, that laws must be filled "in the shortest possible time "including" the organization of the National Guard, National Guard with intervention in the choice of their officers. " However, during the debate, members of the Palais Royal  showed that the function of commander in chief of all units of the kingdom was contrary to the Charter and its removal did vote to give the condition of La Fayette "any brand of regret and some compensation. " The next day, La Fayette resigned. Council President, Jacques Laffitte, and Interior Minister, Camille de Montalivet, himself a colonel in the National Guard, sought to find a compromise, but La Fayette laid extravagant conditions: he wanted the formation of a new ministry that would enter his friends, the dissolution of the Chamber of Deputies and the abolition of hereditary peerages. On 26, he maintained his resignation. Louis-Philippe took action immediately in a short letter of regret. The King then appointed General Mouton Lobau National Guard commander.
Section 69 of the Revised Charter had referred to a law "the organization of the National Guard, National Guard with intervention in the choice of their officers." Came under discussion Dec. 24, 1830, the project was voted on March 5 by deputies, 10 Peer, and promulgated on 22. The Garde Nationale is responsible for defending the constitutional monarchy, the Charter and the rights therein, to maintain obedience to the laws, maintain or restore international peace and public order. However, any proceedings taken by the Garde Nationale on state affairs, the department or municipality is an attack on public liberty and a crime against the State and the Constitution (Art. 1).
The Garde Nationale is theoretically composed of all French people aged 20 to 60 years (2-9), but the law distinguishes between regular service and reserve service (19), the distribution between the two being made by the board recruitment of the town, which calls to regular duty as those who can afford to pay the cost of clothing and weapons and have the necessary time for the service. Nor do we find in the regular service, the only one that is effective, as wealthy men: this gives the character retains its militia, the bulwark against disorder owners. The Civilian force is organized in each commune (4) and is under the authority of the mayors, prefects and Interior Minister (6). The refusal of service is punished by a few days of detention.
In the provinces, the effectiveness of the National Guard remained on. Thus, during the revolt of the silk workers in Lyon in November 1831, about 15,000 National Guardsmen are called, 500 appeared. Some were even in the camp of the insurgency. Many Republicans were elected officers. The National Guard became a focus of opposition.
The National Guard was also a sign of upward mobility. Thus in 1837, Balzac published his novel César Birotteau in which the main character was the wealthy perfumer Birotteau who had grown rich and whose promotions in the National Guard were a sign of upward mobility.

Also here are the laws and fines of any crime:
~Refusing to pay a fine or serve jail time will result in a KICK/BAN from Paris 1830 due to a major breach in roleplay.  Leaving your cell during prison-time will result in an additional prison time of 1 month or a 10,000 L$ fine and serving the rest of your original sentence.

~Attempted Assassination of Their Majesties the King and Queen of the French, and their Royal Highnesses or any members of the Royal Family - 30,000 L$ or 3 months in prison
~Homicide - 10,000 L$ or 1 month in prison

~Attempted Homicide - 9,000 L$ or 3.5 weeks in prison

Note that crimes of  Homicide and Attempted Homicide will result in a trial. Therefore the severity of the punishment will be determined by a court.

~Carrying a Gun or Rifle in Public - 2,500 L$ or 1 week in prison

~Private possesion of a Gun or Rifle is guaranteed to all French Citizens by the Declaration of the Rights of Man. You may NOT carry your GUN or RIFLE in PUBLIC. Attempting to shoot someone with a Gun or Rifle will result in Attempted Homicide (listed above), and if you actually shoot someone you will be charged for either Attempted Homicide or Homicide.

~Assault - 5,000 L$ or 2 weeks in prison
~Assault includes battery, kidnapping, sexual assault, and harassment.

~Grand Theft - 7,500 L$ or 3 weeks in prison

~Blackmail - 5,000 L$ or 2 weeks in prison

~Arson - 7,500 L$ or 3 weeks in prison
 Arson may also result in a charge for Homicide or Attempted Homicide.

~Theft of Horse or Carriage - 500 L$ or 1/2 a week in prison.
You MUST ask permission if you want to use someone else's Horse or Carriage.

Please be responsible when using a Horse or Carriage. Causing collisions on purpose (hitting people or other horses or carriages on purpose/ not because of lag) will result in a 100 L$ fine or 1 day in prison. If you get into an accident because of lag just apologize to the victim.

In Summary, please be a responsible driver in our city. Causing accidents on a regular basis will result in fines, prison time, or having your citizenship revoked.

Thank you for your time and have a lovely day!
Paris 1830 Management.

For any question pls feel free to IM Sebastiendebordeaux.

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I can't see what would be against TOS.

It is roleplay, people agree to these rules or they stay away.

Besides there is nothing you can do (besides telling people they can't play anymore) if they refuse to pay their fine.

And if they don't break the law, they don't get the fines anyway.

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Jo Yardley wrote:

I can't see what would be against TOS.

Agreed. There's no rule against charging for entry to a sim, and no reason why you can't kick/ban for any reason (including non-payment of RP 'dues'). Certainly BDSM prison sims are more than happy to ban users who escape the cells by cheating, I can't see it being different for this.

Go forth and plunder your tax-paying citizenry! :D

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