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Setting messages through dialogs


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Hi guys.

I have an object which the current owner can control through dialogs. It is designed to be customizable, and speak some messges on a timer along with doing some other stuff. I am looking for an elegant way of allowing the user to set these messages for themselves, is there a better way than using notecards for this?



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There aren't too many options - as far as i can see, there are the following:

  1. in the script itself
  2. in a second script that triggers the messages through link messages e.g.
  3. notecard(s)
  4. you could save the messages on a webserver and poll to the script using http out or send them to the object with http in. This would give you the option to make a nice web page to save the messages
  5. you could store short messages as a property of the object e.g. the description
  6. you could save the messages in the script memory - this would mean, that you loose them if the script is restarted and you could make them editable through chat messages sent to the script or using llTextBox

Of course there are combinations of these methods you can use. 


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I would submit that reading from notecards is the second most elegant way because that's what data-driven programming is. The most elegant way would be to write an API module, that would define messages as a list of strings and ship them to the processing module. However if you're making it for sale, experience shows that most users are unaccustomed to APIs and are afraid to modify anything in a script, so in such case I'd say notecards are the best bet.

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