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blender 2.6 is driving me nuts lol

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hi im new to using blender figured out the basics of it made a model - but no tutorials give me the correct way to explort a sculpt map from blender 2.6 - the tutorials seem to be for the earlier versions of blender....anyone know of a tutorial for blender 2.6 or instructions and do i need something called primstar?

all so confusing defo need some help on this bit .....thanks in advance!

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If you don't mind stepping back to a previous version of blender then Jass2 is excellant advice. 


But that is not what I would recommend.  Changeing to Blender 2.49 would be like learning another 3d design program.  If that is not what you want to do then your options are one of two things.


1.  There was a manual method to export sculpts from blender and it is still possible to find that info on the net.  This method predates Jass and some other tools.


2.  Invest in primstar2.  This can be found on the same website that Rollig suggested in the post above.  There should also be some videos on how to use the tool there on that web site.

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