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don't need help for a paper i'm not writing for a university i'm not attending.

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I'd like to start by saying, "you're welcome in advance", if that's even possible, and thank you, for thanking me in advance prior to me even agreeing to not help you. 

The last thing you should do first is nothing. That will help to get started on finishing the ending. Before you know it, you won't even be started. 

On the same side note, you could try to let go of all things you're not holding onto. 

I hope that this doesn't help to clear things down.  

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The credit card companies tend to get a lot of my junk mail.

So do religious organizations that send me crap.

I figure why waste all the waste they've already created making those wasteful notices, when I can put that waste to good use, right?

It would be nice if my lovely little presents lead to them not sending me more wasteful junk I don't want and they never should have created in the first place. But that's not the case. I've been doing it for years. My dad taught me that trick when I was a kid :P


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