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Who created this house?

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Yeah, this is probably a really stupid question

But I've been on SL for two years, and there was this house i used to hang out at, a lottt.

And i'm trying to hunt it down, as stupid as that may sound.  I've been looking everywhere, even contacted a few people, this is my last resort so i'm thinking maybe someone knows where one of these houses may be located, or they know who designed it.  I have a few pictures

the house had a pool, a bathroom upstairs, a bedroom with a sex bed, and here are some pictures.  Yes they are nooby, these were taken a few days after i joined SL








I'm really not expecting anyone to know, but i'm going to keep looking to reconnect with old memories.

But, it can't hurt to try here. 

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I can't say I recognise it sorry and am pretty good normally with houses!  The texture looks like a Gnubie one on the wall but that doesn't really give many clues.  Have you tried doing a search on marketplace for something like white house, beach house etc and if it's a while ago the picture sort by age and do older buildings first so reverse order.

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Hi there,

not sure if its exactly the house shown on ur pics, but theres a pretty big chance i got this in my inventory.

As far as i can remember this build has 2-3 floors and a nice terrace on top?

Actually Pic1 looks exactly like the house im talking about, not sure about the rest.

IM me inworld, lets see what we can do :)


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