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Microphone Use Tips

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I've been hearing mics getting used more and more on sims I go to, and for the most part... People are really annoying because of simple little things. Here's some tips to share, feel free to add your own.

1. Mute yourself when you're not transmitting. We don't need to hear breathing, eating, scratching, echoing others, or whatever else you're doing. SL allows you to keybind it to whatever you'd like, to make it easy.

2. Get some headphones. Especially if you're not going to mute yourself. Echos and feedback are bad.

3. When you speak, there are green bars over your head. If they turn red, you're annoying. Move the mic away from your face, and/or turn down your own transmit volume.

4. If you get winded when you talk, try short, concise phrases. Get to the goddamned point. If you get winded trying to tell stories, don't tell stories.

5. Remember- almost everyone can hear you! Don't say stuff just for your partner/friend that should be in private while you're in the global voice channel. Depending on where you are, you can actually get hit with an AR if you're not careful. And if you're not using English, don't assume other peple can't understand you. A lot of us can.

Any others come to mind?

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A cardioid mic works well when you point the axis toward your tower fans to pick up less noise.

If you're doing karaoke, choose shorter songs, preferably under four minutes.  If you see your audience disappearing, you can't sing or your song is too long.

Also, don't try to do 'Cemetery Gates' unless you can scream the high parts properly and ... well, just don't.  Some songs just weren't mean for karaoke.

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Not all microphones are made equal.  Computer mics can be pretty bad sounding.  If actually sounding decent is important to you, then it's a good idea to have a friend make a recording of how you sound inworld so you can hear it outside of SL  Maybe try at least a few different microphones or headsets and pick the one that sounds best.

Even if you went with pro or semi-pro sound gear, it's still not going to sound great, though.  SL's voice channel is just not that good for quality.  With a good mic, some equalization, and maybe a speech compressor, you can get it to perhaps "pretty good" at best.  It just won't compare well with a DJ or performer who is using good gear and an actual dedicated stream, where decent sound quality definitely *is* possible. 

But voice certainly can have it's uses.  For example, if you're explaining to someone how to edit or build, then it's a lot easier to use voice so you don't have to keep alternating between the menus and the text chat window.  

I've never been in a place or situation where voice was actually *required*.  But it doesn't surprise me to hear that it happens sometimes.  This is SL, and if a weird rule is possible, you can pretty much count on somebody somewhere considering it essential.  LOL

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A friend told me this story -

She was at a wedding in SL and they were using voice...

Well the bride had had more husbands in SL than Liz Taylor had in RL. So when the SL priest/justice of the peace or whatever was having her do her vows, one of the audience members had forgot to mute his mic and he started laughing. He was laughing cause he knew how she was...


So another tip is - if you are going to mock something as serious as someone's umpteenth SL wedding, make sure the mic is off.


On a personal note - I would have paid L$10,000 to have been there when that happened. Can you imagine the awkwardness? Can you imagine the hilarity? Or even the fight that probably happened after the wedding was over?

"I take you, John avatar (chuckle) to have and to hold from this day forth until death do us part (red-line booming laughter)..."

Oh I am just picturing this hysterical laughter taking place and no one can hear the wedding.



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