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Seeking photogenic models


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Currently expanding my portfolio and looking for some nice looking avatars to photograph.

Nice skins, hair and clothing are expected.

Offering 200L an hour (sub divided into 15 minutes.  If I only need you for 15 minutes, you only make 50L), and the completed image. Sample included below.


Swimsuit Vanity.png


Please send a notecard to Irritums Resident titled "MODEL: (your name)"

Include the following information.

  • Times available (SL time)
  • Headshot of your avatar
  • Bodyshot of your avatar (clothed)
  • Calling card
  • (Non-human avatars do not require pictures. Simply send the notecard and I will set up to meet you inworld)


Notecards will be responded to within 48 hours with my decision either way, so you are not left hanging.

Thank you in advance!

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