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Is it possible to have music in your Linden Home?

achem Serenity

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Are you sure it's your Linden home? Did you choose it via this website? If you just squat in one it won't show you as owner.

I assume you know all that. In that case the transfer must not have gone through. Did you try selecting the house? Can you rez things there? Can you change anything?

If the house is yours you should be able to put in a media stream. You can have a radio or watch video.

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Clicking on the land beneath a linden home is actually quite tricky. With the japanese houses, you can click the earth around the tree on the patio, but with the others the house completely covers the land and prevents a mousclick.

The modern ones leave a tiny sliver of land that you can click that is just under the house edge, but you basically have to keep trying to click it and hoping for the best. It takes a good few attempts to get this right.

It's very frustrating if you are trying to monitor you prim count or change settings on the land like the media stream for music. It can be done, its just incredibly fiddly unless you have one of those oriental style ones.

If you drop me a line in world i`ll happily come and try to assist with finding a suitable spot to click.




As to radios, they do work and they too are a method of doing this, though you often need to click the land itself to turn the blasted things off. Seldom do they come with an off button.

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