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I live on Long Beach Island and i can see the sim there but I cannot get on it. ???????????????????

Zephire Domenitzo


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Is the sim owened by somebody else? If yes, contact the owner. If not (it's owned by LL instead):

How to report an offline region

  • "This region is offline."
  • "The simulator is offline."
  • "Region not available."
  • "We've got a sim down!"

No matter how you put it, it's the same thing: sometimes a region will go offline, rendering it inaccessible. The reasons are many and various. The important thing is to report it so that Linden Lab can correct the situation.

32px-KBnote.png Note: Remember to check the Status Blog — Linden Lab might already be aware of the issue, in which case we're working to fix it.

To report a region as offline, submit a support case. Both basic and premium account holders can submit cases for this particular problem:

  1. Under What type of problem are you having?, select Land & Region.
  2. Under Land & Region, select Report an offline Region.
  3. Enter the region's name and any other pertinent information, such as anything unusual observed before the region went offline
  4. Click Submit.

Linden Lab will address the report as soon as possible.

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