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Does anyone know any possible way to get linden labs attention other then ARs?

I currently have an ex staff member who is griefing the club (this is not the issue at the moment).. This issue is that she is now threatening to release alot of my personal information to anyone and everyone who comes into the club..

Of course the chat is not open for abuse complaints, I have tried ARs - they don't seem to just ban her IP, alot of the people are getting death threats and privacy threats.. So really, just wondering, any other ways to get the attention of linden labs?


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Personally i would not worry about such too much really. People like her are mostly thrilled by the negative interaction. Just ignore her and you may certainly ban and mute her so she can't visit the club anymore. And how can she ever release personal info from visitors to your club she doesn't even know anyway. Ignore her, and her fun is gone, and she's gone... most likely.

I have to say that AR's aren't always dealth with as we would like to, but i can say from my personal experience that LL does act upon them within a day as fast as i have seen.

I do suggest to include her chat / IM text in the AR proving that she does what she does.

What does help a lot (i've learned via service chat toi LL) is the more ppl AR her, the higher LL's attention will be. I've done this in the past with a lot of griefers, harassers and bot farms. We had a group all AR-ing the same persons at a given moment and this has helped a lot. About all cases we raised were dealth with accordingly and swiftly.

What also can add is that more ppl from your friendslist address her firmly in a formal way upon AR. One of my friends used to address like this in a notecard or IM (a notecard usually worked best).

"Sir, madam, it has come to my attenion that you are misusing Second Life to play improper threatning games in region <regionname>. Mind that real people are at avatars which means you are violating Linden Lab's Terms and Services. We have filed an Abuse Report to Linden Lab agaist you and included all your IM's and chats. We strongly suggest to end your game of misusing Second Life. As of this moment you are banned from region <regionname> and you are awaiting Linden Labs further actions". 

Perhaps this all may help you, well it did for me at a time.

Best of luck Ariella because i know such people hare highly irritating and can kill an sl business. Perhaps i'll visit your club one day ;)


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The threat to release personal information would be a civil matter, more or less.  Unless it is personal information that would cause you harm and is released with malicious intent.  In which case is could be criminal.   

U.S. Code Title 18 § 875 (d) Whoever, with intent to extort
from any person, firm, association, or corporation, any money or
other thing of value, transmits in interstate or foreign commerce
any communication containing any threat to injure the property or
reputation of the addressee or of another or the reputation of a
deceased person or any threat to accuse the addressee or any
other person of a crime, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.

On the other hand death threats are another matter.    If the threats are to kill or injure someone within SL, then obviously these aren't genuine threat, just hot air.  But if the threats are to somehow find and kill or injure someone in RL, then those threats would actually be a crime in the US, and presumably in other countries.

If this is the type of threat being made, I would contact your local authorities.  In the US this could fall under terrorism laws in some states.  You could also contact the local field office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  

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LL will help you, they have helped me in the past. You must provide bonified proof of her threats, keep copies of all IM's and open chat where she has threatened you. Take snap shots of her avi's if she keeps creating them to get in the club. Set your settings to not let in avi's less than a week old, or longer your preference. When you AR her, turn in all copies of the IM's, photo's etc..and ask for a hard drive ban. If you know her alts, turn in a list of them as well. They do not condone, nor turn a blind eye to threats in SL. Just be sure you have your documentation in order first. No he said, she said stuff..they can't do much about that, you must have solid proof with date and time stamps on it, so it can be verified. Hope this helps.

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