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Multiple Landmarks folders in the inventory.


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Hi folks,

For some reason or other I have multiple Landmark folders in my inventory. Now it’s possible to delete a few of them but there is a default Landmarks folder where if I right click I can't delete.

How do I consolidate them all into the one Landmarks folder without having to go through the tedious process of teleporting to each sim and then having to landmark it again which will then show up on the default Landmarks folder?

Thanks for any easy peesy way around this.


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A landmark is an object like just about anything else in your inventory. You can move or delete them like any other object.

If you see more folders under the "Landmark" tab of your viewer what they would be are other folders in your inventory that also have landmarks in them - it's common for stores to include a landmark to their place in a folder of goods you've bought for them. If they're redundant you can delete them or if you want to consolidate your landmarks you can move them.  You may have to do it from the "Inventory" tab instead of the "Landmark" tab though.

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