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WEDNESDAY @ Willowdale High School

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Welcome to MARCH !

See why Willowdale is #1 !

"Willowdale High School" .... The Next Generation in Teen Role Play.

Development of Knowledge in a Contemporary Environment. Diverse Faculty, Students and Staff. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Carmel%20Bay/176/169/22 

..... WHS home of the Warriors ! Positions for Teachers/Student Teachers and Substitutes. 325+ Active Students. Sign up for MARCH at Second Life's #1 High School

12pm-1pm SLT Polish for Beginners (Pisia Marchant)
1pm-2pm SLT  Digital Communication and Collaboration (haleynichole Resident)
2pm-3pm SLT Home Ec (CandiGurl Resident)
3pm-4pm SLT Criminal Minds & Methods (XtasyBliss Resident)
5pm-6pm Theatrical Dance (Chucci Bigbear)
6pm-7pm SLT Tennis (Chucci Bigbear)
7pm-8pm SLT  Language Arts (Matt Difference)
9pm-10pm SLT Life Management Advanced/Begingers (Lisa Cheren)


WHS Tennis Contact Chucci Bigbear
WHS Cheer Leading Contact Revlon Benoir
WHS School Newspaper Contact Korrah Resident

Willowdale High School home of the Warriors!

       Lead, follow, or get out of the way -- Thomas Paine

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