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Residential or Commercial Parcels Waterfront or Mountain Cove

Dena McMahon

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We have 2 8192 sq. m. Parcels available now on mature sim.  Both have waterfront access! 1875 prims.

We have a 1024 with 234 prims as well.

Cheap tiers on Class 5 low lag sim. 

BREEDABLE FRIENDLY!  Commercial or residential!
Tiers collected monthly, however other arrangements negotiable.  IM Dena McMahon.

Parcels can be combined depending on your needs.

Privately owned sim with sim owner and estate managers living on-site.

Parcels are set for sale and purchase will pay your rent through March 31st! 

Teleport to parcels!

IM Dena McMahon for more information.

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