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how do i get permissions?



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If you mean you want permission to visit Moderate and Adult areas, you must Age Verify.  You do that under your Account menu on your dashboard web page.

If you mean, you want permission to copy or modify someone's objects, that is a property of the object.  You can't change it yourself, the object creator has to do it.

Your Friends can grant you the permission to move or modify their objects, in their Friends List.  I never give this permission to anyone except very close friends, so don't be offended if they say No.

If you mean, you want permission to rez objects on a certain parcel of land, that is set by the land owner.  If YOU are the land owner, open World/About Land and select who you want to be able to rez things on your parcel...just you, or your group, or everyone.

If you mean you want permission to enter someone's land, or their home, that is again set by the owner.

@Ansariel...those are persimmons, not permissions! :)

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