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Skin Texture Problem

Rim Sharkfin

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 suffer the same problem all my Skins avatar are Invisible or messed up and I cant Fix it  My friends First advised me to Clear Caches  but that tip did not work

I have posted my problem to Bugtrackers, MartinRJ Fayray gave good advise to Save my massage logs and Delete all 

files include (Third party Viewers) from my c:/library/Application support map and i also Removed all from my  c:/library/Caches. Sadly MartinRJ Fayray did not work and I dont know what to do , oddly my Issue was been deleted

also tried write ticket to linden lab but sadly they sent me back to bug trackers...  BTW My alt account suffers to


Can some one help me or explain what it is








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I'm getting the same problem too, I believed it may have been a problem with how the textures were loaded and baked together but I don't know.

I updated my graphics driver and deleted the texture cache in AppData (I found out there is a second one somewhere) but I still seem to have the same problem.

It's the same as yours, some textures not appearing and in some cases it looking like static.

When you take off the parts that are messed up and put them on again or refresh your avatar texturs (ctrl+alt+r) is the messed up texture different each time?


Found this link, apparently it has something to do with the HTTP textures


Look at the bottom.

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Fixed it.

Make sure you have the advanced menu available (go into preferences, tick the box) and click the advanced drop down tab at the top and go to the bottom and find Show debug settings

Copy and paste imagePipelineUseHTTP into the box and change the option from true to false.

HTTP textures are apparently the way forwards but there are some issues at times with it so you will have to turn them off for now at least.


It's not perfect, while I got the textures loading, it is still funny when I try different clothes.

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Just to let you know, I seem to be making some progress on this myself.


So far I think it may be related to having SL on my secondary monitor rather than my primary one. Try moving the client over to the main monitor if you have more than one and rebake on the primary monitor. With me the avatar had no problems on the main , only on the secondary one.

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Hello Rim,

sorry for the late reply, I do not come to the forum often.



Please add the description of your problem there.


I wrote almost everything I could think of in the comments, there.


Do you have a second screen or are you on a non-wired network (WLAN/Wifi)?

If so please try to rebake only on your primary screen and use a wired connection (e.g. local LAN).


Also check your bandwidth in the preferences. You shouldn't set it to a value higher than 1500 kbps.

(CTRL+P in the viewer under Setup -> maximum bandwidth)


[Edit: Oh I found that your issue was already solved by using your other screen as your main screen]

Good luck!

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