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Question #1: Blogs about SL

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It depends what types of blogs you are looking for.  Are you looking for fashion blogs? Event blogs? A mix of stuff?  Technicaly geeky blogs?  There are all sorts of Second Life bloggers and Second Life websites out there, so it really comes down to what you specifically want to find. :) 

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Myranua Eichel wrote:

I don't use Google either.  It's Bing or Yahoo for me.


Switched to Bing when I decided Darth Vadar was the lesser evil between him and Caligula... ;)

I'm of course, fond of my own blog (see sig).

Also read http://nwn.blogs.com. And stop into http://danielvoyager.wordpress.com/ often - which has one of the best 'links to other blogs' on it.

 A -LOT- of them just report the same topic as each other and then give their own slant on it. So I personally make a point of not posting about whatever's on the so-many of other blogs that day. Which of course means my own blog at least is never about whatever the current hot-gossip is... :D


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