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Builder looking for an architecture enterprise..

Jean Malachite

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Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen,


I've a question here which may sound strange, actually it might as well be a strange request, but hey! asking it anyway can't hurt anyone... 


So here we go.

I love to build stuff. Homes, furniture, whatever I feel like making at the moment but mostly it's buildings of one sort or another. And afterwards, like so many others I put it up on the MP. 

Now that is all fine, but for a building to be sold people need to be able to preview it. If I could spend more time in SL, I'd simply rent a parcel and put a temp rezzer up, but as it is, my online time is limited which makes renting something permanently for a mere handful of designs really a bad deal. Hence, I was wondering if there are any archtecture companies out there that would consider 'taking me in'.

And by that I do NOT mean, that I want to have their name & reputation and sell my buildings as their work (unless they chose to prefer that...). I'm mere wondering if there's someone out there, who'd be willing to let me put up a temp rezzer to let me showcase my buildings in exchange for a cut of my sales.

May be a stupid idea, yea. But as I see it, it could be mutually beneficial.


If anyone is interested, feel free to respond here, send a PM or contact me inside SL directly to have any questions answered or a preview of what I do.


Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you are having a wonderful day.


Jean Malachite

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Actually, there are many who sell houses in SL just on MP and not in world.  Not totally effective but it is done.  You can also make a demo house.  Like with any other demo, just put demo all over your textures and make it no mod.

Your idea of a rev share rental is also an idea that is done many times and I myself have offered rev share demos however, as a sim owner, no one wants to give up space for a product that does not produce revenues and as such, most rev share retail locations have the ability to hand pick the best of the best since there is little to no risk to the merchant.

Just some thoughts you may want to consider but in the end, I am sure you will find a way to get your products to your audience.

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I've considered making demo houses, in particular I was wondering if there are temp rezzers out there that could do the job for me. However I'm a little unsure on how safe that would be...

Writing DEMO all over it is an idea as well which I will look into..


I guess I'm just a fan of in-world shopping and like to see the stuff as displayed. ;)


But yea, of course a sim owner doesn't want to give away their prims just like that, which is why I'd obviously give them a % of any sale.

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