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Looking to fill 3 positions. Finance, Public and Rule petsonals. Weekly pay

Marcella Rivera

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Finance Officer-
Position description: This position will be responsible for helping balance the groups budget and finances. Keep records of group spending and decide how much of the budget can be bugeted of to each other department and projects as well as preparing a overall budget.
Position Requirements: Must be good with numbers and Mathematics as well as budgeting. Must have knowledge of sl that you can move through the game freely.

-Public Affairs Officer
Position description: This position will be tasked with organizing and planning events to get more people involved writhin the group, coming up with strategies to increase appeal of or group as well as acting add a lagoon between us and other groups.
Position Requirements: Must be sociable, must like working with people, have a professional attitude and very respectful as a representative of the group.

Rule Officer
Position Description: This person is charged with helping create the rules of the group and keeping track of all rules made, he or she will act as a go to person for interpretation of rules. This person shall make sure group rules don't violate any TOS.
Position Requirments: This person must be respectful and have knowledge of SL rules and and some form of political science. Must be familiar with all rules as well.

Ask persons applying for these positions must have some kind of interest in government as this is a political themed group. Please message me in game to learn more. DO NOT ask me to contact you.
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