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I'm Looking For a Job.. please read.


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Hi there.

I am currently looking for a new job as the place where I used to work closed down. I took a break from job hunting for a while to just enjoy SL for a bit, but now i'm raring to go again.

In my old job I started off as a dancer and then got promoted to manager. I helped organise events as well as managing the other dancers and dealing with customers.

I am looking for a job as either a manager or a dancer. I am also interested in modelling but don't know a great deal about that yet. I have a lot of different clothes etc to vary my look depending on what is called for. I had to have a lot of clothes and hairstyles in my previous job to keep things fresh!

If you are looking for a fast learning, reliable worker then please contact me as I am eager to get back to work.

I am available pretty much whenever I am needed, my hours are completely flexible. 

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hello watermelon

me and another person are looking into starting a dance club and will soon be looking for hosts djs and managers possiblly dancers as well. you can contact me or brody22 inworld for more information about a position

                                                                                                                                                      - emmettcullen93

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