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I am pleased to say my BFF in SL and I are in full swing.

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I kind of edited the OP I made a while ago cause I thought she had written me off...

Anyways a few months ago, we started talking again. Wasn't sure how things would go but seems good.

Things have up's and down's...

We had met 3 years ago at this sim we now both despise. She was banned cause they thought she was trouble (ok so that statement holds water) but not long after, I decided it was time for me to earn MY ban. So we go in and raise hell and it was the best time I have had being disallowed onto a sim.

Sometimes she chews me out cause she knows I am scarce during the summer. I just have to let it roll off really.

But on good things, we are always there to help each other when needed. We actually do discuss RL and SL in equal parts.

I could go on for days about the trouble we have gotten into, the things we laugh about, etc...

I would not know how to really express my gratitude for having such a friend as her. I mean I cannot really get mushy cause though I love her, we are both huge smart asses. If Beavis and butthead were middle age women, it would be us.


Here is the weird part - when we first started talking, I thought she was just a passer-thru like many folks. She vanished for months but I later found out why, she was having some RL issues with the people she was living with.

Funny how best friends are sometimes those you initially don't think anything will happen.

After some debating, I decided not to reveal her name but I can say this -

If you see me inworld and I am with a short lady with pale skin, go ahead and be afraid cause you are looking at the two biggest pains in the butt that SL can offer.

So with making friends, you cannot know who your friends here will be until a long time after the fact. Can the friendship survive occasional arguments? Absenses? Would you stand by the person and take their side over some sim he or she is banned from? Do you know and accept their faults?

THAT is what a friend is.

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