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We are going to open a Clinic,after all the years just making clothing/babies/tummy for the SL maternity market we have choose to take a step into the clinic market.

I have added a API to the new mommy Inc talking tummy system that will interact with all new clinic equipment we are making . This is a big build and will take about 2 months to get going and open . During that time I like to hire a few people to be managers and in the end run and train the new users to the clinic.


I am not going to judge any one on age or gender,but I ask for people who can use a mic  at times as this can be not always done by type.

To apply

notecard me Warble Amat with your name and


Ability to use a mic (yes or no)


experience as a SL user and working with others.


If you own any of our products.(what kind and which brand look under my post for a list of shop names.


Please for no reason IM me over this,notecards only and it can take up to 1 week for a reply, we have no fast answer for any one at this time on if you got the job or not.

As stated I am working on all this over the next 2 weeks and will reply to any one over it in no less then 7 days from the day I get the card.


There is pay involved as well as all the free product you can handle from any of our many maternity brands.


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Needless to say I have received littoral over 100 notecards on the Mommy Inc Clinic Manager positions coming soon.

I need to restructure how I am going to do this ,I like to expand on the whole plan  as I have so many people wanting to apply !

So bigger it will be and more will be hired soon.

I need more time

March 23,2012 I will reply to those that I have picked and we will start the opening of the new island and clinic we have been building for this endeavor.

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