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Rihanna Irata

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One day i was travelin around and noticed that normaly there is alot of people on infohubs, so im wondering what kinda land can get official infohub status? 


Offcors it must be some sort of information but than i stumbled upon this Capture222.JPG


Not its a serveral sim complex withc is only shops, i lookt at th infohubs and none contained any information what so ever only tp's to different stores. So again what kinda land can get infohub status and what are the reguirements for it and what exectly is it?

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Infohubs are mostly historical, and as far as I know only Linden-owned. As in, infohubs are operated by LL themselves. They're only found on Mainland.

The most common reason for there to be lots of traffic there is that when regions crash, people who relog to offline sims end up there. Additionally when new users join SL they arrive at an infohub, and when sent home are returned to an infohub if their home location is unavailable.

This also means users who enjoy people-watching, or... 'interacting' with new users (Infohubs are popular griefing points) often hang around as well.

Buying land near infohubs used to be profitable, and traffic would be quite good due to those rezzing in. This has more or less declined in recent years, as traffic has moved away from mainland SL and toward private islands.

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Sorry, crossed-wires. Public infohubs tend to be more traffic heavy, which is what I thought you'd seen.


I think it's possible to specify a single Infohub on a private island. They can be used to 'funnel' people who TP to the sim so that they land at the Infohub point.

However since these aren't operated by LL, and people don't end up here after crashing etc, it doesn't really give you anymore traffic than you'd otherwise have on your private region.

TL;DR: Private region owners (Estate Managers) can set one per private region. Private infohubs don't attract traffic anymore than the rest of the sim would.

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Rihanna Irata wrote:

I gues it have changed as i see alot of infohubs on private sims, like the picture i posted its a complex of private sims who is not owned by lindens.


That is actually a map display error. Those info hub icons are actually indicating a telehub for private regions..

Are you using Phoenix? I noticed this had been like this since the new search and map changes in viewer 2 where they no longer show telehubs in the map

I owned Sweethearts region and I noticed my telehub was showing as an info hub in the map with older viewers

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