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Titan Vendor question

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Im using the Titan vendor system for my houses and, as some of you probably know, support for this otherwise excellent product is absolutely nil. I like it because it allows me to place my houses on separate panels instead of requiring my customers to sort through the vendor so I'm going to try to work with it and hope someone here can help me out.

The current problem I'm having is that I have a furniture linkset for one of my houses that is 192 prims. I want to set it up in the house for display purposes. The problem I'm having is that the land sees this set as 632 prims for some reason. I've checked to ensure I didn't duplicate any items and I've tried rezzing it on two different parcels with the same results. Tired of scratching my head and I'm not going to set it up like this and use up all my prims whenever someone rezzes it so if anyone has any clue as to what the problem might be, I'd appreciate some help. Thanks :matte-motes-grin:


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Howdy, Wolfen.

Rez your furniture set, click edit and go to the "Features" tab.  Then, on the right side of the edit window, there will be a dropdown menu that says "Physics Shape Type."  Click the drop down menu and make sure it is set to "Prim."  If it set to "Convex Hull" and there are any sculpts in your furniture set, it will register as WAY more than it should.

This is the only thing I can think of that would cause such a descrepancy.

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Thanks Marcus, I do use sculpts so I will definitely look into that. I found the issue with the furniture linkset - I had 2 mesh patio chairs (equivalent to 10 prims) in the set. I removed them and it went down 400 prims to where it's supposed to be. So, the moral of the story - no mesh parts in a Titan vendor.

I am still getting a big discrepancy in the prim count of the house. Not as much as the other issue (only 73 difference) but I'll give your suggestion a try to see if that fixes it. Thanks for the help.

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As far as I am aware, mesh items can be loaded in the Titan like any other design.

We have many of these arrangements out at the main store location.

The biggest problem with them that I know of is that you cannot really load your meshes in temp status, or else it will charge a higher PE cost than would be expected (especially since temp rezzed items should count as zero, up to 500 prims per parcel or something to that effect) .

If sources are correct, then the Titan will end up 'charging' you double the PE if mesh is loaded in temp status on the vendor.


It really is a shame that this particular creator does not provide support for their product, but still offers it.

I dropped out of their group due to the answers to my questions always being "go buy a different product from someone else"


Merchants who sell utilities such as this should be held to a higher standard of participation, IMHO, or be required to pull the product.

I would even venture to say require refunds to existing customers as a penalty, but that has LOL written all over it.

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I agree on the no support issue. Their website is even still up but no support there either. If anyone else made a vendor with the separate panels I would drop this one in a second, despite all the L$ I forked over for it.

I haven't had any more issues with wild prim counts, but I'm being careful not to mix sculpts and mesh in the same linkset so hopefully that was the problem. Can't figure out why I have this same mesh item linked with sculpts in another build and it's ok, but SL is wonky like that so who knows. Sometimes you just gotta shrug and move on...lol.

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