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Opinions on skins


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What's best for one is worst for another.  What is quality for one is junk for another.  You're going to get a very wide variety of opinions on the best skins........it is, in no way, subjective.  You're best bet is to fire up search, type in "skins", then go look for yourself.  Get demos of the ones you think you like, try them on and take a real good look.  Then make your decision on what you like......not what others like.  The best skin I actually ever had before I started making my own was a freebie (and I was a "skin freak" for a couple years and bought way more than I really want to tell anyone....let's leave it at close to 100 over that period of time).  I bought skins ranging from $L50 to over $l7000.  Now the skins I wear cost me $L30 which is the upload fee for the textures.

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With the recent changes to SL and importing of mesh with ability to rig mesh to the avatar skeltion I can see some truly photo-realistic skins coming to SL.  So far I haven't seen any skins of that caliber but sooner or later some great 3D modeler will make skins that are "photo-realistic".  But for now the "photo-realistic" skins are good skins painted by a good texture artist.  And some are very good........but the ones I tried we a little disappointing due to the shape I wear and my refusal to alter it for a skin (clothing, or anything else).  A great skin is a skin that works with your shape.  Shapes are very important for any skin......even the best of the best skin will look like doggy stuff on some shapes.

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You're certainly welcome.  But remember, without some computer specs, the viewer you are using and your Internet connection that may not work.  So many things can cause problems with individual setups it's nearly impossible to get it right the first time.  Clearing the cache and relogging is just a basic first step for hiccups......sort of like closing your browser when you get a 404 error when browsing the Internet.  Simple and is a common problem in a lot of cases.......not, by any means, the only cause though.  If your problem persists, instead of derailing this thread, maybe post your question over on "Answers" where a lot of people with experience in problems hang out (myself included).

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There is a shop called Razzanova that has nice skins.

Their selection is not too bad either. It is big enough to have a good selection but small enough to not be overwhelmed with too many choices or the lag that ensues with overly huge shop.

Most of them run about L$400, plus if you are in the group, they often put out free skins as group gifts.


You COULD get a slightly better one at belleza or redgrave, but those places tend to be greedy and charge L$1,000 for each skin. Honestly, I don't think Belleza or redgrave are more than twice the quality. Maybe 20% better looking, if that.

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Peggy Paperdoll wrote:

What's best for one is worst for another.


Factors to consider are:

apparant age, ethnicity, body hair, options in makeup, options in cleavage (often neglected - common to have it, but uncommon to get a skin that has an option to have it or not, and anyone who's dealt with or has real boobs can tell you, they don't spent 100% of their time in the same position. ;) ),

Often neglected concerns:

Brows: Most female skins in SL have Frankenstein glaring angry brows. Try to avoid this - but its not easy. I could spout theorys about why this has happened - but whatever the reasons, a lot of female faces in SL look very masculine...

Eyebrows: Pretty much the same issue as brows - and often the two work together to create the horrid problem that is so common.

Lips: Unless you're a cartoon, avoid the giant-botox-frown look. It really is that bad...

Highlights and shadows: Pay attention to where they fall and if they're overdone or underdone. Consider also that what's good in one style of clothing and lighting will not be in another... if you spend all your time in a vampire RP sim, a very different kind of highlighting will work for you than if you spend all your time in a beachfront dance club...

Mesh-false-cleavage-error-correction: This is a peculiar issue of the SL mesh that shows the 3D modeler who made it had poor anatomy training. The SL avatar's chest will often seem to be collapsing in upon itself in the upper chest. Some skins can hide this fairly well at the right angles and lighting. Others magnify it...


Personally I'm fond of the maker Lyrical Oh. But if you're not looking for an African skin, his work might not be for you.


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First of all, shapes and skins need to work together. I wear a Teen Turf skin that's adorable on the shape it came with that I edited subtly, but if I put on most other shapes I look like the product of six generations of inbreeding. Oh, and very important: ALL NON-"MESH" SHAPES ARE BASED ON THE SAME DEFAULT AND SLIDERS THAT YOU HAVE ACCESS TO WHEN YOU CREATE A NEW SHAPE. What you're paying for if you buy a shape is the skill and taste of the person operating those sliders.

I've pulled together a number of differing avatars and these are my opinions on skins:

CURIO - have remarkable detail but they have a very distinctive look and I find myself looking more at the skin itself than the avatar wearing it. Also some of their skin tones are rather odd.

LAQ - also popular enough to be recognizable as a skin itself. A lot of people like them and I have no problem with the quality but I feel they have a somewhat waxy look and seem too "perfect." They have nice medium skin tones though.

BELLEZA - Very nice skins. I prefer Belleza to Curio and LAQ for that price range and avatar age/look.

REDGRAVE - I feel they have a slightly "older" look than most skins, which seem to be for women in their early twenties. I'd say most Redgrave skins make you look somewhere between 30 and 40 or so. Very high quality, though, and when I put a Redgrave skin on an avatar she seems to become a person somehow. The makeup choices arent' always useful though.

PINK FUEL - GREAT bargain if you're looking to be somewhere between 15 and 20. Some of their $100 skins are every bit as good as $900 skins (and better than the $1400 skins from a place that I won't name but who advertise heavily in the in-world search.)

DUTCH TOUCH - I haven't had the opportunity to use them for an avatar but many of  them are very good for the approximately L$400 - L$600 price range, especially the lighter skin tones.

NATURAL BEAUTY - Becoming my new favorite. They won't knock you out with their detail as they have a somewhat softer look but their newer skin tones have a subtle, mottled quality that's amazingly "alive" when you look at them from an average distance. 

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TransPleasure wrote:

Got yr point. Yes you are right, maybe I rush a bit!


Btw, can you explain me why I cant wear a demo hair? I select Add or Wear but it doesnt appears on my head. However, when Im editing my appearence under hair section, the demo name is diaplayed there!

The part of your outfit that's LABELED "hair" and is marked with the icon of a brown-haired head is old technology. Originally SL hair could be edited with sliders but looked like a helmet and was replaced by prim- and now mesh hair. The old "hair" item is still worn and required to be there for your avatar to be "complete" but it's only used to control the shape of your eyebrows. The actual "hair" part is usually shrunken down so it's hidden inside your bald head.

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The Photo-real skins dont translate that well to SL imo...they end up just looking kind of scary.  Like another posted this may change with mesh...but today mesh avies have a whole host of draw backs to them; so, we will see what the future holds. 

Some of my current skin favorites are: Akeruka, AlVulo, Belleza, Curio, Filthy, Glam, Laqroki, LaVie, League, Redgrave, YS

Each has its own unique style so what is beautiful is in eye of beholder

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keep in mind also that even if you find a perfect skin but are not real fond of the makeup, you can always buy some.

Well like my favorite skin I got from Razzanova, I didn't like the lipstick so I just wear a tattoo layer for darker lipstick.

the photorealistic skins I have seen tend to be for male avatars.


You will probably go thru many skins before really settling on a look though. this is not even about quality so much as it is choice. I used to use this Belleza skin that was more detailed than my razzanova but the Belleza one I had just wasn't me.

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