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How do I get back items I paid for but LL stripped from my inventory?

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LL will only remove items from your inventory if someone filed a DRM complaint. I doubt you would lose a large amount of inventory unless you bought everything from a single vendor and he/she was a copyboter.

It is more likely you have Apparently Lot Inventory. There are a number of possible causes for that.

If you are a long time user, you may also be a multiple viewer user. If so read through: Lost Inventory and Missing Inventory Fix – Help, which is oriented toward those of us using more than one brand of viewer.

Since you only have 1 post, it leaves me wondering if you opened a new account. If you have a different login name, all your stuff is in the old account.

The basic fix for lost inventory is to travel to a deserted and empty region. There are Linden owned regions for sailing and flying that are usually deserted and mostly empty. Furball is one such region. Travel there. Open Preferences (Ctrl-P). On the Setup tab select clear cache. On the General tab in Preferences make sure Show Login Location is enabled. 

Log off and log back in to Last Location. You should have a field near your name/password entry that will allow to make that selection. This will force clearing the cache. Open your inventory and wait for it to load. You may type letters or a word in the Inventory Search field to speed up loading. Your inventory should load.

If you still have missing inventory, contact support. 


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