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Afew scripting 'wearing' questions


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I'm abit new to secondlife and would like to try scripting/building. But for now I have just afew questions to ask about possibility...


I've tried to wear a vending machine before (How cool am I) and noticed it was clickable for me...

(I could get a can of coke from it by clicking on me/it)

-Is it clickable for all other people?


This vending machiene was free, but I assume it works for charging for the can?

-If so, can you split money between the wearer of the item and the creator of the item?


Finally can you track how long someone has been wearing an item?


Thanks :)

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It's clickable for other people, but a wearable item cannot accept money.  So, you can't wear a functioning vendor or tip jar.  This is a matter of some annoyance for dancers, but there are ways around it.   The easiest workaround is to script the tip jar or vendor to follow you.

It's hard to say how that particular vendor works without seeing the script.  It might charge for a can, or not.  If it charged, you could write a script to split the income any way you like.

Yes, you could track how long a person has been wearing an item.  I don't know why you might want to, but it would simply mean starting a timer when the person attaches the item and then querying it at any later time to see how much time has passed.

If you are new to scripting, I suggest working your way through some of the starter tutorials at https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LSL_Tutorial and then grabbing some freebie scripts in world to dissect and practice modifying.  As you have specific questions or problems, bring them back here.  Welcome to Second Life.  :smileywink:

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Thank you very much for a thorough answer.

I shall persure those tutorials now :)

-FYI: The tracking how long someone had been wearing something was for a job idea I had.


EDIT: One last small non-related question, I know there are many services availible in SL, like estate agents and casinos and nightclubs, are there services anywhere for scripting/modeling for a price?

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You can declare yourself to be a business in whatever area you choose.  If you want to be a successful scripter or builder, though, you need to be able to create top quality work reasonably quickly and imaginatively.  That means knowing your craft well and being a good listener, so that you understand what your clients are expecting.  Sort of like RL.

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