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Hat Outfits


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I have recently had a lot of fun role playing in outfits that have hats. This is just one outfit that I love, yes it is a little extra work to get the hair to work with the hat but I think it is worth it. What about you do you have any Hat Outfits you want to share? Let's see them:


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Cool thread, Keli. :smileyhappy: Actually, I am just mad about hats! I have dozens of them sleeping in my inventory. I can't go inworld right now to dig in and take a pic, so here's one of my latest favorite: my garderner outfit's hat!



And of course, my Audrey Hepburn's great classic!


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These are two of my favorite hat outfits :)

hat outfit Nard.jpg


This first one is called Merl - by Nardcotix (designer Nardya Rousselot) . I blogged this outfit here




and the second one is a couture gown, High Tea (designer Faint Paulse) from Ladies Who Lunch also blogged here.

The hat outfits that you've posted is really pretty! Very classy and elegant <3

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