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Seth Diabolito

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Hello! I deeded my parcel to my store's group and I put my store name in the name and description in my about land. I even paid for an ad in the classifieds. But, when searching for my store name, it doesn't come up in either. Plus, if you search men's clothing, you see my store/land. What gives? Did I mess up a land option??


Thanks, Seth

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Its difficult to say what, if anything, you did wrong, since search is a very peculiar animal that never behaves how we expect it to. 

Some things to consider are:

Anything you enter in About land is picked up by search when it crawls - usually twice each day, so you wont see results from About Land entries instantly.

Classified ads work differently, and they show up straight away.

Check that the parcel is set to show in search, i have known this select and then deselect itself when I was't looking.

There are some specific rules you need to follow with about land descriptions in order to avoid the search seeing it as spam. Try and repeat your keywords at least once in the Parcel name and 3 or 4 times in the description, but never repeat the keyword directly after itself. -  'Wonderful Widgets, amazing selection of top quality Widgets' -  is ok,  'Wonderful Widgets, Widgets of all shapes and sizes' - is spam

Occassionally a sim needs a restart to get it to show in search properly

Good Luck Dude

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