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Custom Gowns, Does anyone do them anymore?

Imajika Wirefly

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Hello all, 

I've been having a hard time trying to find a custom clothier these days.  Getting married in just a few short weeks, and I'd love to have someone help make a beautiful gown for my wife to be.  She deserves it.  All attempts from word of mouth and searches have come up with custom work at a halt due to time constraints.   Anyone know of anyone who still does it and does a good job at it?  



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I am often approached to do custom work, and sadly I turn it away. The main reason is the expectations of those requesting an item. Because RL does not translate into something literal, and because of the time involved in creating one gown, it's not cost effective to make only one. A custom gown could cost  more than the top couture gowns, which is where I'd start looking. You might find yourself working with someone who isn't really experienced as a designer and end up paying for something that's sub-par. Wedding gowns are a specialty in themselves, they're expensive, require expert skills, and a custom dress (if you find someone to do it) might cost you way more than you anticipated.

Wedding gowns are also a personal matter, and your wife to be might wish to have a say in what she's going to wear on her big day. Even if you find someone to make a gown, she might not like it! 

But if you're still wanting to go this route, you can post an ad in the help wanted area of the forums. Congradulations and good luck!

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