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Why can't I see someone else's picks?

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I recently made a purchase from someone on the marketplace, had an issue with the purchase and wanted to contact the seller, so I looked them up in search and read the blurb about looking at her picks to find out info on contacting them re: store issues, so went to look up her profile...

No picks tab.

No tabs at all.

I had a friend check her profile and sure enough, he can see her picks and other tabs.  But I cant.\ I can see other people's picks tabs, just not this particular user.  Any idea why?



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Because you are using a viewer with web profiles and your friend is using a 1.2x viewer and it is more than likely that the merchant is also using a 1.2x viewer and is not aware of the privacy settings and is expecting everyone to be able to see her profile picks. 1) Use a 1.2x viewer to see her picks, or 2) Simply send the merchant a notecard with the question about the product and then politely point out to them that her picks tab is hidden from her non-friends. 

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