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Textures mixed up

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Hi there,

Since viewer 2 and the latest release of RLV which I'm usually always using, I seem to have textures mixing up. I will have a part of my hair showing in the fabric of my actual skirt, or bits of what's surrounding me showing like my hair or other stuff.


I didn't have that problem with the RLV I was using before, but since updating to a more recent one (allowing mesh to show I guess), it became the same as in the viewer 2.


Can anyone help me understand and eventually even solve this ?


Thanks a lot,


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Are  you saying that textures that would normally be on your prim hair show on skirt prims, or are you saying that they seem to overlap?

In the second case, that's called alpha conflict. If it's the first, then your cache is probably messed up and the suggestion to clear cache should clear it up. You might also consider doing a CLEAN install of your RLV viewer (if your viewer remembers who you are when you log in, after a re-install, it's a good sign it's not a clean install)


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