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Which version of Photoshop is best for SL?

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I am using CS5 Extended, so yes, I would definately recommend you upgrade. It would be too long for me to detail every new features that I find really thrilling. This link highlights CS5's enhancements better than I would do and I totally agree with its content. As a side note, I don't use PS for SL but for my RL work everyday, I'm a graphic designer.

And yes, would it be only to be eligible for further updates, I believe it's worth upgrading now.


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The extended version allows you to paint directly onto 3D models.  That's the feature you'll get the most use out of in relation to SL.  There are lots of other great things in there as well, but the 3D painting is really the selling point for SL users.  It's well worth having.

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I am not a graphics designer.  I only use CS5 Extended for SL and occasionally RL projects so am a hobbyist., but I know lots more than I did several years ago. 

I have been messing around with Blender a bit and can tell you I don't like how the textures are created in Blender. I find it too complicated and makes my brain hurt even more than learning to use Blender.  I can tell you the few times that I have messed with Sculpty  Blender .obj files in CS5 Extended, I had some issues with filling at the poles.  Even doing a complete layer fill didn't cover some parts of the pole.  Of course this is probably a user issue (me floundering around trying to learn).  The solution I came up with is create a base texture in Blender, save it as a .tga file, then bring it into the 3D painting mode and when merged down it covers perfectly.  You can recolor the base layer as needed and work from there.

So for me, it was worth the extra amount to go with the Extended version.


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